I often think lyrically moving from song to song in my heart/mind, and scripturally. Being alert of the relationship  of and reflection between the natural and the spiritual. It  is my desire to work in just about every medium and represent and or manifest all concepts or ideas in many different ways. The origin of a lot  of my work is the doodle. I began sketching in existing books when I was in college at OSU I found this to be freeing. My doodles usually take on a buglike, plantlike, birdlike, and or fishlike  appearance.

I’m very much influenced by nature and enjoy incorporating actual natural specimens in my pieces by way of hot glue or  slip casting.  I am most passionate about ceramics and love to use my wood cut printmaking tools to carve meticulously into my pieces. I am in love with denim and choose to paint on it and make jewelry and other accessories out of it. I also enjoy making pieces that hang allowing for movement. I believe movement gives the illusion of life. 

LaSontia Sharlow last updated Jan,2019


Wearable Art True Hope Collection T.H.C. EST. 2018

Heart – Love

Cross- Salvation

Butterfly- Metamorphosis

Dove-  peace/the comforter 

A portion of every sale is donated to help people that might be contemplating suicide and or addicted to opioid’s.   

Concepts, past and Present:

Natural and Spiritual Metamorphosis- 2nd Corinthians 5:17

Broken^Beautiful- Psalms 51:17 

Painting over/”Made New” -Revelations 21:5

Habitats and Ecosystems; God is my source and my dwelling place.-Hebrews 12:2-Psalms 91:9,10

Works and passions, no two are just alike. Including :mixed media, oil paintings mostly on denim. watercolors, acrylics , woodcut prints, functional and non functional ceramics, seashell sculptures, jewelry/accessories.    

Sealestial Beings

Made from sea shell gathered mostly from the coast of Main.

  • Elyria Ohio
  • (440)371 1346

The Tia Handle since 2000

functional ceramics

Wheel thrown or hand built and carved into with wood cut printmaking tools. Glazed and fired from cones 06-6. 

nonfunctional ceramics

angel Wings

pupa/chrysalis forms

Floral's Wedding/event decorum

favorite places to be, bolley land and popham beach

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